Join Us October 28th

This is a project of AAAP, with assistance from the Global ShareResource Foundation and MaYi theater. Proceeds will go towards construction of A Special Place, the first integrated residential and work community for adults with autism in the Philippines. Join us at the Beckett Theatre, 410 W 42nd St New York, NY 10036

"If unable to attend, we welcome a donation"

After watching an excerpt of “Julius Caesar” on The Cosby Show, a 14-year Filipino boy locks himself in the only family bathroom to dive head-first into the world of ancient Rome, determined to make sense of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. The boy’s father, a former town mayor now exiled because of his democratic beliefs, joins his son in the bathroom. Using his own political experience, a father helps his son understand Caesar’s story, and real-life lessons about power, life, and loss.

Their mission is Helping the Poor Respond to Opportunity through partnership with nonprofit organizations that conduct programs on education and skills training. They envision people in underserved communities reach the confidence to imagine and create favorable circumstances for themselves and their surroundings

Ma-Yi Theater Company's mission is to support, develop, and produce the works of Asian American playwrights.Ma-Yi has distinguished itself as one of the country’s leading incubators of new work shaping the national discourse about what it means to be Asian American today.