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A project of AAAP, with assistance from  the Global ShareResource Foundation and MaYi theater. Proceeds will go towards construction of A Special Place, the first integrated residential and work community for adults with autism in the Philippines.


Email address:

 Hosted by Jeanette Marco and Association for Adults with Autism Philippines

A Touching Father And Son Love Story. An outstanding play and performance by a Filipino Artist. To Fund the first residential village for adult Filipinos with Autism

"If unable to attend, we welcome a minimum donation"

“Proceeds will go to A Special Place, located in Alfonso, Cavite In the Philippines.

This flagship project of AAAP is an integrated residential community where adults with autism can live comfortably, productively, and safely with peers and in preparation for when their early life caregivers have gone.”



The Association for Adults with Autism, Philippines is a non-profit association, established by parents of individuals within the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and professionals dedicated to the welfare of those with this developmental disorder.